Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Comments on the Nikon D610 and Pentax K-3

New cameras have been announced by Nikon and Pentax.  Here are some thoughts.
Nikon D610: virtually the same as the Nikon D600, except that it has a new shutter mechanism that can do 6fps instead of 5.5fps.  The new shutter can also use continuous shutter in quiet mode.  The big question that everyone has is whether it will fix the dust problem.  If it does then it might be worth getting the D610 instead of the D600.  The cost of getting dust swabs, blowers, etc. can mount, and they are inconvenient to use.  If the D610 doesn't fix the dust problem then at least you can get a D600 at hopefully larger savings.
Pentax K-3: lots of great features.  The big question for me is which sensor they used?  Judging by the resolution of 6016 x 4000, I think they used the same sensor as the Nikon D3200 which is by Sony.  If so, that would be welcome news.  The Toshiba sensor in the D5200 and D7100 has great high ISO performance but lousy shadow recovery (it has banding when shadows are recovered).

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