Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Google Reader Substitute: InoReader

If you are a former user of Google Reader and are looking for a substitute, I found one that is pretty close: InoReader. The interface is very similar to Google Reader. The only thing is that the order of articles (at least from our blog) is slightly mixed up instead of chronological (not sure about other websites). Also, the scrolling isn't as smooth as it is for Google Reader. Nonetheless I think it is pretty good.
Until July 15, you can use Inoreader to import all your google reader subscriptions. Steps:
1. Go to Google Takeout. Choose the services you want to backup. In my case I only chose Reader.
2. Download the zip file and extract it. One of them will be subscriptions.xml. Make a note of where you saved it.
3. Go to and register (or log in using G+).
4. In the dialog box for subscriptions, click on browse and find your subscriptions.xml file, then click upload.
5. Click save & close.
That's it. Note: After July 15, you will no longer be able to access the Google Reader backup from Google Takeout.
I have also tried Feedly, which is nice, but I found the interface a little too different from Google Reader and took some getting used to. Feedly also isn't available for Internet Explorer.

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