Saturday, May 11, 2013

More Samples from Sigma 35 1.4

We had dinner out and I took with me the D600 and Sigma 35 1.4, which is becoming my walkaround combination. So here are a few more samples from the Sigma.


I really like the tantalizing quality of the bokeh.  In my preliminary review, I mentioned that I haven't seen onion bokeh (which can happen when a lens has an aspheric element) in a real world shot.  However, I managed to create a test shot that had one:

The onion pattern is faint enough that I personally don't find it distracting.  And again, I have to emphasize this was a test shot.  I haven't seen it in a real world shot but now I know it's possible.  No big deal.

Anyway, here are a few more shots with the Sigma.


  1. This lens is just stellar. Are all of these shot at f/1.4? I sure hope so. To be able to have a lens this sharp wide open would be dreamy! Looks more and more like I may take the plunge...

    1. Hi Michael. Yes, they're all at f/1.4. Believe me, this lens is very sharp (not just acceptably sharp) even at f/1.4. On the other hand, the autofocusing of my copy is not as accurate as I'd like. I'm hoping the USB dock will remedy that to my satisfaction.

      Best regards,

    2. Hi Luc. I tried using AF fine tuning but it didn't solve the issue because it was focusing accurately sometimes, so the fine tuning sometimes improved the accuracy but sometimes it did not. I did order the Sigma USB dock which allows different AF fine tuning settings depending on the distance to the subject. I'm hoping that will fix the issue.

  2. My saga with autofocus on D600: sometimes apply the saved value, sometimes not. I brand new Nikkor 28-300 nedded to be sent back for calibration. The default value to fine tunning I belive refers to all lens without autofocus motor. And a brand new camera like mine i dont think its normal be kept to -6 .. -8 on fine tunning to ALL lenses.

  3. The first image just works for me, love everything about it (maybe remove the fork and the knife), but I like the sharpness of the near objects, the smoothly OOO background, the deep colors, the specular reflections, etc...

    Thanks for sharing.


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