Saturday, March 9, 2013

Update: Nikon D7100 Lightroom raw profiles

UPDATE: The raw profiles don't seem to work.  I'm trying to find a workaround.
UPDATE 2: The workaround is here:

The D7100 is expected next week and there seems to be no news yet of Lightroom raw support for the D7100. I therefore created "beta" raw profiles for the D7100.

I would like to make the raw profiles available only to members of the D7100 Flickr groupI'm doing that because I would like to promote the group.  We're all better off when we work together and with more folks in the group, hopefully sharing information in the discussions, we can all learn from each other.

The raw profiles are in a zip file (approximately 1mb).  If you would like to get the raw profiles you can use method below:

Option 1.  pls. email me at info AT and specify your Flickr user ID so I can confirm that you have already joined the group. On the D7100 release day, I will then email you the zip file, along with instructions for installing them.

Option 2. You can use Flickrmail to send me your email address. Please send it from the Flickr account you used to join the d7100 group. I will send you a google docs link to a zip file with the raw profiles. Unfortunately there is no way to attach a file to Flickrmail.

Whichever email address you use, I will only use it to send the raw profile link to you and not for marketing or other purpose.  I will not sell your email address or disclose it to third parties.

BTW if you use these profiles, you should keep your original NEF raw files in a separate folder. If and when the real raw profiles from Adobe become available, you can re-import them using Adobe's raw profiles. In fact you can probably even try to sync the settings from the old files (imported with this temporary raw profile) with the final files (imported with the final Adobe profile).
Please note that this is being offered as a free service. I'm not guaranteeing anything and will not be responsible for any issues from the use of these profiles. As you know, ViewNX will have D7100 raw support so there's always that alternative if you want to avoid all risks associated with using these profiles. 

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