Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fuji Real 3D W3 Preview

After trying out the Loreo 3D lens, I found 3D photography to be so interesting and fun that I looked into getting a dedicated 3D camera.  I was glad to learn that the Fuji Real 3D W3 has dropped in price from $500 to around $240 at Amazon (or $170 refurbished at Newegg).  At the lower price, it's become attractive not just to the hardcore 3D crowd, but also casual 3D fans or even those just curious about 3D.

I got a refurb one from Newegg.  I've been shooting with it the past week and am working on a review.  Meanwhile I wanted to share one of the shots I took with it. 

First, the 2D version:

I like the 2D version just fine.  But here is the 3D version (left-right-left) for both parallel or cross-eyed viewing:

In the 3D version, the ripples on the water and the reflection on the water look mesmerizing.  The reflection is three-dimensional, and the ripples on the water's surface make the duck really look like it's floating.  Suffice to say I like the 3D version a lot more than the 2D version.

Stay tuned for the full review!

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