Thursday, January 24, 2013

How I Keep Fungus Out Part 2

This is a follow up post to my previous post on How I Keep Fungus Out.

I have since gotten a Lockdown Silica Gel Can, 750g as well as a digital hygrometer.  Here are the results:

Baseline: our house's humidity is normally 51% (we live in Southern California but we are in a coastal area).  Our heater has a humidifier and when it is active, humidity rises to 64% in my camera closet.

With the humidity at 64%, I placed the Lockdown silica gel can in the closet this morning.  By the time I got home, the humidity was 37%.  (Note that my camera closet is not completely air tight. It's just a regular closet.)

Based on these results, I think the Lockdown silica gel can or a similar product would be the best solution.  I don't need the air tight container or the smaller desiccants.

UPDATE: I have since opened and closed the camera closet several times.  Each time I checked, the humidity was at 37%.  This is close to the supposed ideal of 40% for lenses.  I have not tested this product in other environments (more humid or less humid than our house).

2/13/13 UPDATE: The past couple of days the humidity at our house has risen to 70%.  The humidity in the closet with the silica gel can went up to 45%.  (The recommended range for lenses is 40% to 50%.)


  1. Can you tell me where you bought this.
    I want one of this.

    1. Hi. I bought mine from Amazon.

      Best regards,


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