Thursday, December 6, 2012

Comment on New York Post subway photo

When I saw and read about the photo of the man who was about to be crushed by a subway train, I was appalled. I don't think there is any other kind of reaction that is possible for that picture. And no, I don't believe the photographer's claim that he was trying to warn the train with his flash.
Just as quickly as I condemned the photographer however, I realized that I have been guilty of the exact same thing, just on a different scale. It's an issue that I've mentioned briefly before -- prioritizing the photograph and in the process failing to be a husband and father. The truth is, no photograph is worth missing out on being with my family. I am a dad and husband first.
It is true that I want nice photos of our family. But I don't have to document everything like an event photographer. I'd like to focus on being a dad first, and THEN take a few good photos.
I'm on my way to attend a holiday luncheon at work. In past years, I've pretty much acted like an event photographer -- taking photos instead of joining and being a part of the party. This year, I will be with my coworkers first, then take a few shots to preserve the fun we had.


  1. A great post! I know what you mean exactly. I used to obsess over documenting the life of me and people close to me with my photography. Family outings, meetings with friends, walks in the park should make you relax and unwind but for me, all too often, they were a stressful challenge - how to take attractive photos and not miss any photo opportunity. If we had fun, I felt obliged to record it with my camera.
    Nowadays, like you, I think I know better. I try to remember that my photography comes second to actual interaction with other people. I've even started to enjoy looking at the beauty of the world without automatically grabbing my camera. What a revelation.

  2. Add one more to have seen the light. Sometimes I think advices given by photo bloggers (the other kind ;) in regards to have the camera ready all the time, even if it is phone is a bit too much. Not for regular people who enjoy photography. I wouldn't even suggest that for those people giving that advice either these days.


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