Sunday, November 25, 2012

Carbon Fiber Tripod for $79 at Costco

Costco is offering a Dolica 60-inch carbon fiber tripod with ballhead for just $79.99 (Item # 661166 - regularly $99.99).  Model ZX600B103.  Offer good only until 11/26/12.  I've never had a carbon fiber tripod before and I ordered one.  Will post a review.

UPDATE: Just received the tripod last night.  Heavier than I expected.  Weighs just the same as the Targus TG-P60T.  I disassembled the legs and was able to examine a cross-section of them.  The legs appear to be solid carbon fiber (not plated).


  1. The less-expensive "carbon fiber" tripods are apparently often plated. You can see a discussion of the issue in this thread.

  2. Thanks! I wasn't aware of that possibility. I'm still curious to see how well it performs. Fortunately if it's not good, Costco has a very good return policy.

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