Friday, September 21, 2012

Updates to Nikon D600 Review

FYI, I've added some updates to the Nikon D600 Review Part 1:

9/21/12 Updates:
added hinged covers for connections,
corrected the description of dedicated ISO, WB, and Qual buttons for the D3,

moved Live View Photo to its own section,
added info about Live View AF modes,
Sigma 50 1.4 focusing issue in live view.

cautionary note about noise,
included a link to the DXO tests.
9/20/12 Updates:
added a video of a 2nd test of continuous shutter buffer.
fixed links to videos (quiet shutter and buffer),
added photos of monitor cover and sync speed tests

I am working on a post about the D600's exposure accuracy or lack thereof.  Briefly, it seems that its exposure algorithm is very aggressive, with little regard for blowing highlights.  When I finish that post, it will appear as a separate post and will also be included in Part 1 of the review as a new section there.


  1. Have you tried putting Active Dynamic Lighting into highlight protection?

    1. Hi Ezra! Yes I tried that. In my post I will show whether or not it was effective ;)

      Best regards,


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