Thursday, August 23, 2012

GGS LCD Screen Protector III Review

After deciding that my Nikon D90 was a keeper, I ordered a GGS screen protector for it.  I've used it before and found it far clearer than the BM-8 LCD plastic cover included with most Nikon DSLRs (a few such as the D3 and D5100 don't have one).  Recently I also found out first hand about its protective capabilities.

There is now a new 3rd generation version of the GGS available for some cameras.  The biggest difference is that instead of the screen protector being affixed to your LCD screen with an adhesive, the screen protector clips on just like the BM-8.  The 3rd generation GGS is also supposed to have a film to prevent shattering, thus reducing the risk of damage to the camera in case the GGS breaks.  Another difference is that the 3rd gen GGS includes an anti-fog protective cover for the eyepiece.  Like the top LCD and main LCD covers, the viewfinder cover is also made of glass. Remarkably, the price is about the same as the classic GGS.

Both the viewfinder cover and top LCD cover attach via stickers around their edges.

With the viewfinder cover attached, I could not fit my generic rubber eyecup over the viewfinder.  However, an original Nikon DK-21 rubber eyecup can fit over the viewfinder with GGS cover.
The viewfinder looks just as clear as it does without the viewfinder cover.  I could not tell any difference.  As for its anti-fog properties, I put my camera briefly in the refrigerator and did not see any fog develop inside the cover or viewfinder.

The main LCD protector clips on the LCD just like the BM-8 plastic cover.  However, unlike the BM-8, the GGS protector includes a black frame around it that fits the camera snugly.  The fit is tight enough that I could not slide a piece of paper in between the cover and the LCD unless I used the very thin kind of thermal paper used for receipts.  Even then I could only get it through one of the corners.

On Amazon, there is a review that criticized how easily the main LCD cover falls off.  However, with my D90, the protector stays on firmly.  It's certainly not more easily detached than the BM-8 cover.

EDIT: Pls. see comment below from reader Opt.

The frame matches the camera's body pretty closely, so that it's not easy to spot it at a casual glance.

There is a small hole on the bottom left corner of the main LCD cover.  I believe it's there to prevent fog. It might allow dust to enter between the LCD cover but at least the cover is easily removable.

The new protector appears to be about as clear as the old one, although there is a very slight ghosting that I didn't see in the old protector.  This is probably due to the larger gap between the protector and the LCD.

So far, I am satisfied with the new 3rd generation GGS protector, and I would probably buy it again instead of the old protector because of the viewfinder cover.  The main LCD cover might allow dust to get in between the cover but that's outweighed by the decreased risk to the LCD because of the new film and because of the larger gap between the cover and the LCD.  In addition, if the cover is damaged, removing the cover presents absolutely no risk to the LCD.

I will update this review if I find that it's unduly susceptible to dust or being dislodged.


  1. I got the GGS III for my D90 too, and am very happy with it, except for one thing: the screen protector slides off too easily when I press down on it and slide left. This happens every once in a while, when my thumb ends up on the screen.

    So far I always noticed this in time and slid the protector back in place before it fell off, but it's just a matter of time until it falls and shatters. Perhaps I should glue it on.

    1. Hi Opt. Thanks for the heads up. I tried that with mine and you're right it seems easiest for it to fall off that way. So far it doesn't seem an issue for me, but time will tell. Maybe instead of gluing it, just get a classic (in the US, it's only $10) so you can get the best of both worlds - an attached LCD and a viewfinder cover, and avoid the risk of having the glue damage your LCD.

      Best regards,


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