Thursday, June 14, 2012

Abstract Fun

In one of the rare times I put effort and setup a light stand and an umbrella to shoot my girls, I decided to make use of this burst of energy and shoot some artificial flowers that we bought recently to decorate the house. It has an interesting shape and some glittery material applied. Click through to read on.

My default flash photography is on-camera bounce flash, and I usually get the results I want for quick candid shots of my kids doing various things, however, this type of lighting creates very soft, almost even light. But this time I wanted more direction and fall-off, so I used a reflective umbrella with a black backing, and started fooling around with angles, shadows and light fall-off.

One of the interesting things I found was the violet shades at the edges of light reflected from the umbrella, I thought it looked cool, so I tried to position myself and the light to get more of that effect. And I like the results.

I was using my 5D Mark II with the 24-105, all shots were taken @ f/5.6, I used the 580EX II on-camera as a trigger with no output during the actual exposure, and the flash inside the umbrella was my newly acquired Yongnuo 560 II with the LCD screen, an excellent cheap manual flash.

My next post will be the first part about my recent desert trip to Fayoum - Wadi El Rayan.

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