Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nikon D600 Predictions

EDIT: Leaked photos of the D600 here.  It does indeed look pretty much like a D7000 with FX sensor.

Nikon Rumors reported a rumor about the possible release by Nikon of an entry-level full frame camera, called the Nikon D600, perhaps as early as this summer.  I'd like to give my predictions about the specs of that camera.

I predict the D600 will have the same 16-megapixel sensor as the Nikon D4.  This is logical because it would allow Nikon to recoup their investment in the development of the D4 sensor (the D4 is of course not a high volume product).  This would mean the high ISO performance is better than that of the D3 (at a higher resolution) though not quite as good as that of the D3S.

Given that this is a higher-end model than the D7000, its specs are at least as good as the D7000 in almost all (if not all) respects, therefore I expect the following:
- At least 39 AF points.
- 100% viewfinder.
- Dual memory cards.
- 1080p 30fps, like the D3200.
- pop-up flash with built-in commander

To differentiate the D600 from the D4, it would have to miss some features:
- Shutter rated at 150,000 cycles instead of 200,000 (D800) or 400,000 (D4).

- Continuous shooting speed far less than that of the D4.  Probably 4fps or less.
- Metering may be similar to the 2016-pixel RGB sensor in the D7000 instead of the 91k pixel of the D4 and D800.
- No AF-ON button.
- SD cards instead of CF cards.  Most professional cameras use CF cards.  By using SD cards, Nikon could discourage professionals from using this camera.

- No PC sync.
- No ethernet capabilities.

Essentially, it's like a D7000 with a D4 sensor.  It may also be compatible with the WU-1a wireless adapter.

As for price, it will cost $2200, the same as the D700 after the price drop (the D700 will officially be phased out).  There will be a kit lens included for around $2500, the 24-70 3.5-4.5 lens for which Nikon filed a patent.

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