Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Updates: 35mm f/2, Canon 60D and more

Shot with a Canon 35mm f/2 @ f/2.8
Hello, it has been a long time since my last post here, which was about my experience ordering the Canon EF 35mm f/2 as a wider angle replacement for my 50mm f/1.8. I have received the lens and I am having a great time shooting with it, so expect a review soon. I am also probably getting a Lumiquest Softbox III like the one David Hobby has. Hit the jump for more.

I will be upgrading from my Canon 550D and giving up the small size to get a Canon 60D, I will talk more about it when I get it, but here are some quick reasons why I will be doing the upgrade.
  • Despite the small size of the 550D, holding it in one hand for a long period would give me cramps in my hand, it doesn't have a comfortable grip for long shooting periods.
  • 1/8000 shutter speed vs 1/4000, sometimes I need it when shooting at wide apertures outdoors.
  • Camera can act as a wireless master flash.
  • Swiveling screen, I never thought I'd need this in a DSLR because of the slow contrast detection focusing when using the screen, but I discovered that when using my mini tripod to get shots at very low angles I cannot frame the picture good unless I am on my stomach on the ground.
  • Higher burst speed and buffer, 5.3 vs 3.7 fps might not seem like a big difference, but it is different, also my 550D had a buffer for 6 RAW images before slowing down, while the 60D has a 16 RAW images buffer.
  • ISO 1/3 stop increments versus the full stop increments on my 550D.
  • Wind filter + manual audio gain in video shooting mode (not to mention the swivel screen again).
  • Larger battery capacity (same as the 7D and the 5D).
  • Electronic level (horizontal only).
  • Top LCD for shooting information, just to save the battery from using the back LCD.
  • Weather sealing.
  • Lots of more things I don't remember.

Hopefully I will get my 60D before the weekend, we'll see then. I will be traveling to Malaysia from the 10th of April until the 15th, expect lots of photos if it is not raining there.

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