Monday, April 4, 2011

Counting My Blessings

A lot happened last week:

- Got the Coco Ring Flash Adapter.  Will post a review, and give instructions to fit it on an SB-800 and SB-600.
- Got a Fotodiox 8x12 Soft Box.  Will review.
- Went to Michaels to get foam paper (to create another flag aka BFT) and found a set of three 11x14 frames on sale for just $10! :D
- Downloaded and read Mitchell Kanashkevich's Seeing the Light.  Will review.
- Downloaded Mitchell's Captivating Color.  Will read and review.
- Got our daughter's baptism shots.  Learned a few things...
- Did a shot shooting upside down.  Came out well.  Under what circumstances does that make sense?  (This one did not involve cheating the flash sync speed - although that's one valid reason.)
- Did a product photo shot that I thought would take a minute and instead took an hour.  Will post and deconstruct.
- Got a Groupon for a portrait session with Yuen Lui Studio.  My parents are visiting and it would be nice if we have a family portrait at the beach or something.  I'm also curious how exactly a pro shoots a portrait on location.

Those are some of the things I plan to post about the next couple of weeks.


  1. I'm lokin forward to the ring flash review. Is it usable for macro work.
    BTW Thank you for a very very good and down to earth site.

  2. Thanks buddy. I will be posting that ring flash review next. I don't have a "real" macro lens, just a 1:2 lens but I'll post results of the ring flash with that FWIW.

    Best regards,


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