Friday, March 25, 2011

Preview of Rick Sammon's Light It! for iOS

Hey everyone!  I downloaded Rick Sammon's Light It! for iOS last night and I'm just halfway through but it's excellent and I would readily recommend it. 
Light It! is an app with video tutorials on techniques for taking photos of people.  Like the title says, much of the focus is on getting good light on the subject, both ambient and flash.  Here's an excerpt:
I found the tutorials to provide a good intro to lighting concepts.  If you're somewhat new to photography and haven't yet been thinking seriously about the lighting of your photos, this app will help open your eyes to the possibilities.  Even an intermediate amateur who is already familiar with lighting concepts will find useful tips.  In addition to lighting techniques, Rick provides great tips for taking photos of people, such as how to approach strangers for portraits.  Most importantly for me, I found the videos inspiring because the photos are beautiful and simply executed -- perfect for family photogs like us.
Like I said, I'm not yet done watching it and ordinarily, I would finish it before posting about it here but Rick's got a sale going on.  Most sales are nice but don't get you moving.  Well, this one may just get you off your behind.  Ordinarily, Light It (for iPad) is $10.99 but until March 31st it's on sale for just $2.99 (that's over 70% off!!!).  The iPhone/iPod version, Light It Light!, is also on sale for just $1.99!  That's less than a fast food burger for over an hour and a half of tutorials! 
BTW the difference between the versions is that Light It Light! does not include the before and after photos, and does not have a library (I'm not sure though what the library contains).  I downloaded Light It Light because I only have an iPhone (I gave the iPad to my wife) and I wanted to watch the videos anywhere.  But I'm so impressed with the app that I will also download the iPad version for the photo gallery, and the library will be a bonus.  So, yes, I would pay twice for it!  How's that for an endorsement? :D
*Note: I will be updating this post with more details on the app when I'm finished with it, probably this weekend.  I'm not guaranteeing that I will finish before the 31st though.*
BTW, both are huge apps (1.5GB and 700MB respectively) so just download it on your desktop.  iOS 4.x required.

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