Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing at Pacific Park

We went to Pacific Park at the Santa Monica Pier.  We got there mid-afternoon, and it was very sunny.   To manage the wide dynamic range, I figured I would need a little fill-in flash to lift the shadows.

Ideally I would like to use a very soft light source as fill, but bounce under these conditions (bright, with no obvious bouncing surfaces) would not be easy.  I decided to use the Propet handheld umbrella.  I used the SB-600 as my slave and the SB-800 on-camera as master flash (i.e., both as commander and as additional flash).

More after the jump.

Why an SB-800 as opposed to the popup flash?  At sync speed, I was shooting at ISO 200, f/10 or thereabouts.  I didn't think the popup would be powerful enough for those conditions (didn't try though).

I was approached by security when I used the handheld umbrella.  Commercial photography is prohibited.  I assured them I was only taking photos of our toddler.  The security guard went away.

I really like how the shots turned out:

This shot was from direct on-camera flash.  Not too bad.

A short while later, security showed up again.  I again explained that I wasn't a commercial photographer.  They acknowledged that I was taking personal photos but they said my handheld umbrella was "extra equipment" and that it's not allowed. For a moment, my wife thought she found a photography-free haven.  I didn't bother arguing and I put the umbrella away.  I continued to use the SB-600 for off-camera flash.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nice shots Mic, it seems you had a good time.
    I like the shots where the sun acts as a rim light.

  2. Thanks buddy. We did have a great time!


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