Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Launch of Mitchell Kanashkevich's Captivating Color

Occasionally, scenes do grab me by the neck and scream, "Mic, you've got to be an idiot not to see color here!"
No, this blog is not the official fan page for Mitchell Kanashkevich.  Just when I do a review of Mitchell Kanashkevich's Understanding Post-Processing, he comes out with a third e-book, Captivating Color: A Guide to Dramatic Color Photography. Pure coincidence I assure you.  Anyway, pay attention because you don't want to miss an amazing offer.

To be honest, except for scenes that just scream color like the one above, I haven't given color a lot of thought beyond correcting white balance, moving that vibrancy slider up, and noticing serendipitous color wheel combinations.  Mitchell, however, gives it as much weight as composition and lighting. 

Here's our chance to see what color can do our photography -- essentially for free.  For this week:
- the book is on sale for $15 instead of $20.
- get a chance to win an iPad 2!
- best of all, with this order, you also get Mitchell's first book, Seeing the Light.

Guys, I've downloaded Seeing the Light (got it after reading Understanding Post-Processing) and it alone is worth the entrance price (review coming soon).  If you would buy Seeing the Light for $12 then getting both books for the price of one book is kinda like getting this one for free!

Mitchell is so confident that you'll master color with this guide that he offers a 60 day money-back guarantee.  Get it here.

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