Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan's Earthquake Consequences: Canon EF 35mm f/2

If you have read my prime lenses chat article, you should know that I was looking for a wide aperture prime that would give me a 50mm equivalent focal length on my 1.6 crop sensor, I was torn between the Canon EF 35mm f/2 and the Sigma 30mm f/1.4, but Japan's earthquake solved the problem for me. Hit the jump for more.

I was waiting for my camera shop to take delivery of the Sigma 30mm so I can try it for myself because I got some feedback that it's focus might not be that good in low light, not because the lens is bad but because 3rd party manufacturers have to reverse engineer the communication between the lens and the body without any help from the body manufacturer. The Sigma has the edge on the Canon lens in almost every aspect except for the price and the compatibility, however the Canon 35mm is still a great lens, check the pictures in this flickr group.

While waiting for the 30mm Sigma to arrive to try it, we all heard about the earthquake that happened in Japan and affected lots of lives there, I really wish them all the best and a speedy recovery. When I first heard that Canon has stopped it's manufacturing plants in Japan, I realized for the first time how the earthquake could affect lots of industries and brands that we take for granted. Check the latest official announcement from Canon.

I immediately thought this would create a shortage in the lenses market, so I went to B&H to check the Canon 35mm, I found it out of stock with this scary comment: "This item is backordered by the mfr. We have no delivery date at this time.", so I immediately went to Amazon and to my relief I found that they had 6 lenses in stock and I decided to order it. Unfortunately I had some money transfer problem with the bank and would have to wait 2 days before making the order, that was Tuesday, March the 15th at night. When I checked again next morning I found that the stock on Amazon has decreased to 3 lenses instead of 6, so I immediately called one of my friends and asked him to order the lens for me. By the time he ordered the lens there were only 2 in stock and we ordered one of them. Phew!

I had a look at Amazon now and they are out of stock, but you will find a link to buy a new one for $688!!!! I bought the lens for $319, there is also a link to a refurbished one for $399. I went to eBay and the prices there are more expensive than the $319 price I paid. This is crazy, especially for a less known lens like the 35mm f/2.

I am expecting the lens to arrive by the end of the month, expect a post with my first impressions soon after I receive it, the reviews for this lens on the internet are not really satisfying, so I will post my own one as well.

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  1. Quick update, I just checked Amazon again now and they have 5 lenses in stock for $379, a $60 increase over what I paid a few days back.


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