Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last chance: Nikon SB-600 still available at MSRP

Now that the Nikon SB-600 is being phased out, you may have seen the crazy prices for the SB-600 at Amazon and eBay.  Well, I picked up an SB-600 last night (to replace my Yongnuo YN-560) and yes it's true -- for now, it's still available for MSRP of $219 at Best Buy (at least around where I live).  My local Best Buy had 2 units left after I picked mine up.  You can use Best Buy's website to search for local stores that stock the unit.
Note: If you're thinking of buying one to resell it, FYI I ran the calculations and it turns out that after ebay and paypal fees, and after having to pay sales tax from my purchase, I would either earn nothing or lose a few cents reselling it at current prices.  (I suppose there's the possibility that prices may increase further in the future - who knows?)
If you're wondering why the SB-600 (or the SB-800) would sell for higher than MSRP, my best *guess* is that both the SB-800 and SB-600 are compatible with older cameras (including film cameras).  The newer flashes (SB-900 and SB-700) are not compatible with cameras older than the Nikon F6.  In addition, the SB-800 is a bit more powerful than the SB-900 (at the same zoom), as is the SB-600 compared to the SB-700.  Even then, I don't fully understand the outlandish prices.

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