Monday, December 6, 2010

Making the Final Cut

Like some other photogs, one way I strengthen my portfolio is by editing ruthlessly.  I used to have a shotgun approach, uploading pretty much any shot that looked "ok."  That kind of approach resulted in many redundant shots, which is very boring to someone looking at my album.  Over time, I became more selective.  Finally, I made it a point to choose only one shot per scene/subject combination.

For example, in the shot above, I really liked the expression on our toddler's eyes, and how he was holding our newborn's hand.  However, I rejected this photo, along with these other shots that, to me, had some good qualities:

I rejected them simply because I wanted to show only the best shot in the bunch.  Including the other shots would have been redundant, and would have diminished the impact of the 'best' shot (in my view).  It's my way of showing my appreciation for those looking at my web album - recognizing the importance of their time and giving them only my best.

BTW, editing these other shots took just a few seconds in total, thanks to Lightroom 3's powerful batch editing capabilities.  I plan to blog about LR3 next.

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