Monday, December 27, 2010

Coming up: Opteka TS-1 joystick ballhead

As I was doing research on tripods, I learned more about the advantages of ballheads.  I was thinking of getting a ballhead, either the Induro SA-1 or the Benro BH00, but the cost kept creeping up for some unknown reason.  Meanwhile the cost of the Manfrotto 322RC2 joystick ballhead -- the ballhead that I really wanted -- was declining.  I was almost going to pull the trigger as it were on the 322RC2 but thought I would try the Opteka TS-1, which offered similar functionality at a fraction of the cost.  The Amazon reviews are encouraging, but I'm still skeptical.  I ordered it anyway -- I figure I can try to return it if it doesn't meet my needs.  I'll post a review when I get it in a few days.


  1. I am looking into buying this product as well

    Watched YouTube and read some great reviews but just not 100% would be interested in your thoughts when you have and use.


    1. Hi Dean. I've had this tripod head for more than a year now and I'm still happy with it for my needs. I have to note that my needs are not demanding. My equipment is not heavy, I use high shutter speeds, and often use flash. Under those conditions, the TS-1 has served me well.

      However, if you need something that can support heavy equipment and/or use long exposures, this is not the tripod head for you. For example, this tripod head can't adequately support an ABR-800 ring flash + camera + lens.

      If you haven't seen it yet, pls check out our full review of the TS-1 at

      Best regards,


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