Monday, November 1, 2010

"My Little Sister"

My wife gave birth over the weekend to a healthy baby girl.  I took a lot of photos but this one was probably the one I like best.  We had left our son with my parents to go to the hospital.  In the afternoon, my parents and our son got to visit the baby.

We had been concerned about how our son would react, imagining he would give us and his baby sis a tough time out of jealousy.  Instead, he was very loving to her from the beginning.  Here, he was patting her gently even with no one looking.  As for the T-rex there -- our son loves dinosaurs, including this particular one, which he gave to his baby sis on his own volition.  I was very surprised, felt a bit guilty for underestimating him, while also feeling happy that they are getting along.  I hope our baby daughter shows her big bro the same love that he has shown for her.

Technical details for the shot: I used manual exposure, chose sync speed (1/250), a moderately wide aperture of f/4, and an ISO that would result in underexposing ambient by about a stop (which ended up being ISO 400).  I then used an SB-800 flash on-camera in TTL mode to add flash, aimed to bounce from rear camera left.  In post, I increased contrast a bit by applying an s-curve curve adjustment.  I then used a layer mask to darken everything other than our kids to put the emphasis on them.


  1. Congrats Mic on your new born, now I know what kept you busy. :-)
    I will be waiting for your mail reply.


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