Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Impromptu Photo Session (Basic)

Love, naturally
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It was getting late and our toddler didn't want to sleep yet. My wife had the idea of doing some test shots for maternity shots I had been asking her for. Not waiting for her to change her mind, I grabbed my camera, and attached the flash with black foamie thing. I asked my wife and our toddler to stand near a wall, then took some shots. It all happened in a span of just a few minutes.

The camera was on manual mode, wide open at f/2.8, with the shutter at sync speed to eliminate ambient. The flash was on-camera in TTL mode, and I bounced to the ceiling on camera right. I like how the shots turned out, which was in no small part because our toddler was being very cooperative :)

Love, naturally

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