Sunday, September 26, 2010

Finally, some exciting Photokina news!

Finally, we're getting interesting news from Photokina courtesy of !
- Yongnuo's radio TTL speedlights! The YN-460-RX is a speedlight with built-in radio manual AND radio TTL. Works with the YN-460-TX transmitter (which looks suspiciously familiar... :) ). Hope it works as well as advertised.  Previewed here:
- Phottix Helios radio TTL system. Has a commander unit which attaches to the camera, and receivers which attach to speedlights via the hotshoe. Canon only so far... Phottix, hurry up with a Nikon version please!
- Pixel King radio TTL. Seems to function like a TTL cord except it's wireless. Canon and Nikon versions available.
Nice! Hopefully affordable too :)

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