Thursday, August 26, 2010

Comment on Canon's new EOS 60D

Canon recently announced a new DSLR, the 60D.  According to dpreview, the 60D will occupy a slightly lower tier than has traditionally been occupied by the XXD series.  What I find most interesting is that the 60D will feature a built-in flash commander, just like the 7D.  I guess that means that Canon is following Nikon's footsteps in including a built-in commander for mid-level bodies and above, which is great news for family photographers!  
If I were to buy a system all over again, I think I would be very tempted to go the Canon route. Canon has a wider selection of lenses, some of which cost less than the Nikon equivalent.  In terms of flash capabilities, Canon also offers ratio control (in addition to FEC adjustments or manual adjustments).  See here.  Having tried my brother-in-law's former 50D, I still like Nikon's handling better though.

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