Thursday, April 29, 2010

Radio TTL for Everyone: Pocket Wizard ShudderSync

Until now, radio TTL solutions have been limited to Canon and Nikon cameras (Pocket Wizard Control TL and RadioPopper PX), and to some extent Olympus (Quantum FreeXwire with QFlash - also available for Canon and Nikon). Ironically, Canon, Nikon and Olympus have their own proprietary wireless TTL solutions (albeit optical) that allow full control of flashes from the camera. Pentax and Sony have optical wireless TTL but at this time they don't yet offer as much control as do the Canon, Nikon and Olympus systems.

Pocket Wizard recently announced a radio TTL solution that can be used by any camera with a mechanical shutter, with a technology called ShudderSync:

The system works by sensing the vibration of the mechanical shutter. Due in 2011, the system promises radio TTL ability and wireless high speed sync for any camera (Pentax and Sony users rejoice), including *film* cameras (purportedly, even a pinhole camera). WOW. The announcement is sparse on details on the system's capabilities, and I'm doubting that they offer the ability to adjust flash exposure compensation, but we'll see. If this works, I may think about trying medium format film or even just a Nikon F5. Imagine getting an affordable full-frame camera with the dynamic range of negative film - with wireless TTL. drool. (No, the Nikon F6 doesn't meet my definition of affordable...)

Don't hold your breath though - Pocket Wizard hasn't even produced the Nikon version of its Control TL series, so who knows when they'll actually produce this ShudderSync thingamajig. Perhaps in 2012? Just in time for the end of the world! (^_-)

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