Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Day Without a DSLR

We decided on a whim to celebrate our son's actual birthday at Knott's Berry Farm. In our haste I forgot to bring my camera. Not even my pocket digicam. My options were: phone cam and a disposable.

I surfed for specs on disposables. Apparently, shutter speed is around 1/125, aperture is 5.6 or smaller. I was surprised that the disposable we bought (the only one available) had an ISO of 800. Given that it was a bright summer afternoon, I was afraid we would only get blown out pictures (unless the aperture is really small). There's also a flash, which I'm pretty sure has only one power setting to capture the perfect deer-in-the-headlights look.

I know film has a lot of latitude for correction. I also ordered digital copies of the pics so I can do at least some post processing (though I'm not sure to what extent...). We'll see what happens. Hopefully the pics turn out ok. It was my first time ever to go to Knott's and I found it very picturesque especially in the late afternoon light. We had an awesome time (our 2 year old loved the many rides for kids) and we traded our tickets for annual passes.

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