Saturday, December 25, 2010

Topaz Remask 3

A few weeks ago, Topaz Labs released version 3 of ReMask, their extraction software.  I watched the demo video ( ) and downloaded a trial version. 

I liked it well enough that I decided to get the plugin.  The normal price is $69.99, but it's temporarily available for $49.99 until 1/1/11.

The sample shot above was done through ReMask 3 (in addition to compositing our son's face from another shot).  The original shot is here:
Lighting was courtesy of an SB-800 in TTL mode firing with a 43" reflective softbrella via an SC-29 TTL cord.  There's also some fill from the light bouncing from the white blanket that we were sitting on.  I also tried to add a rim light (with the YN-560) but it isn't very visible in this shot.

Anyway, this isn't a terribly difficult extraction, but what I liked about Remask compared to the built-in extraction tools of Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3 and Photoshop Elements 9 is Remask's intuitive interface and its ability to extract translucent objects (like wedding veils).

I suggest checking out the demo video to see what it's about.  If you're interested in it, consider the entire bundle  (use Neil van Niekerk's referral code "planetneil" to get 15% off).  I was not that impressed with the other components of the bundle, so I just got Remask by itself.  To get $20 off Remask, use the code "supermask."


  1. Wow, I watched a part of the demo and I'm 90% convinced I'll buy it, thanks for the recommendation.

    I really like the exposure on your photo, it's bright and happy.

    I will contact you today or tomorrow about a new article idea.

  2. Thanks! The great thing for me is that with help from TTL and Remask, anyone can do this shot :)

    Looking forward to your article!

    Best regards,


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